Faces of the main people

jordan white photo

Beverage & Hospitality Director:
Jordan White

Jordan has spent the last ten years in the wonderful world of hospitality working at a variety of restaurants from Michelin star fine dining to craft cocktail bars sponging up as much knowledge of the industry as possible. He's a certified sommelier and has a passion for creating cocktails. During the last few years, he's been purely focused on Indian cuisine and curating beverages inspired by its native culture and flavors. Rasai's cocktail program is meant to highlight amazing spirits distilled in India while featuring the staple ingredients of its cuisine.

gaurav raj photo

Executive Chef: Gaurav Raj

Born and brought up in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, Chef Raj's passion for food came at a very young age when he was first introduced to cooking by his entire family. He graduated from IHM, Pusa in New Delhi before coming to the States.

Prior to joining the team at Rasai, Chef worked in San Francisco focusing on the art of Modern Indian Cuisine. Chef Raj worked at August 1 Five and Rooh under the leadership of Manish Tyagi and Pujan Sarkar.