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Restaurant Perspective


Rasai means entrance, opening & passage!


The space is cozy and intimate, with burnt-tempered wood and a blackened steel finish. The outside wooden patio is fully covered and heated.


We are featuring carte farm-to-fork Chef Gaurav Raj's approach to creating a sustainable off-the-list concept that features local ingredients but is done in an a la carte format. Our Carte Farm to Fork menu is offered 6 days a week, using sustainable ingredients but highlighting them so that diners can curate how they want to have dinner instead of letting the chef decide what they have for dinner. The menu came from the idea of what we can do to highlight sustainable ingredients in a less wasteful manner. He's decided to use the same basket of ingredients but highlight them a la carte six days a week with a few staples from rasai 1.0, making a return to the new menu too. We aim to deliver an approachable fun-dining experience through a la carte.


While the prime focus will always be the dish's taste, authenticity, and soul, modern-day techniques help enhance the dish's experience by incorporating a fun element of surprise into the fray.

We use sustainable local ingredients to deliver taste and highlight unique purveyors who pioneer such raw materials. Our focus is on using ingredients grown in the Pacific Northwest, and we give a Neo-Indian perspective to these beautiful ingredients.

In addition to dishes derived from across the geographical landscape of the country, the seasonal menu includes some words inspired by the streets of India, preserving their originality.

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