The Dining Experience

RASAl introduces Chettinad spices to Seattle and the concept of a Neo-Chettinad menu that embraces seasonal ingredients.

Eclectic traditional South Indian flavors with a modern twist will excite food enthusiasts. Highlighting the historical significance of the Chettinad region and its intricate stone-carved temples adds cultural depth to the culinary experience. The emphasis on seasonal ingredients is an innovative and sustainable approach to menu planning. It ensures that the dishes are not only flavorful but also fresh and harmonious with the time of year. This approach allows for a dynamic and ever-evolving menu that keeps diners excited to return and try new seasonal offerings. It’s a delightful opportunity for food enthusiasts to explore the vibrant and complex flavors of Chettinad cuisine in a contemporary setting.

Cancelation and Grace-Period Policy:
We have a 20-minute grace period. Please call us if you’re running later than 20 minutes, and we’ll make the best solution.

For Parties of 5 or More:
We have a strict no-show and cancellation policy; we will charge $20 per person if either a cancellation or no-show occurs under the circumstances of being within 24 hours.

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